If you have any questions please see our frequently asked questions below, or contact us.

Contact us via our contact us page – please make sure to fill in all the details in order for us to have as much information as possible about your wedding. We will then get back to you with our availability, some initial base pricing and details of how to book a wedding cake design consultation and tasting.

As each wedding cake is unique and individually designed the price can only be quoted upon the creation of the final design. There are 3 main factors that influence the pricing of a cake:

Costs – the cost of high quality ingredients and all the non edible items (such as dowels, cake boards, boxes, etc)

Time – this would be the time required to create your bespoke design, this varies depending on the level of detail on your cake design and how intricate the structure creation will be as certain elements will always be more time consuming.

Number of portions – A cake that will be serving 150 portions will always be more than a cake serving 25 portions, the costing will change according to the number of portions.

Our starting prices are below as an initial guide.

3 Tiers – From £455 (approx 130/ 140 wedding portions)
4 Tiers – From £610 (approx 160/ 170 wedding portions)
Grand 6 Tiers + – From £750

We create many grand centrepiece wedding cakes including floating wedding cakes. We work closely with a variety of clients including Asian wedding clients to create show stopping wedding cakes in London and further afield.

Yes, we also recommend for us to deliver any cake larger than 2 tiers. Our Wedding cake delivery and set up service is charged at a additional cost and prices are dependent on venue location and set up time. We are based in Stanmore, North West London.

As we specialise in buttercream and ganache wedding cakes we do not like to travel too far with them, therefore we only deliver within a 50/60 mile radius of Stanmore, North West London. In the Winter months when cooler we can deliver up to 100 miles away.

Please fill out our wedding cake enquiry form, we will firstly check our availability and then send through the next steps to book an appointment.

Yes, to book and confirm your wedding cake order we take a 50% non refundable deposit of the total wedding cake price. Please note until the deposit has been received your cake is not confirmed even if you have received a quote. We take the outstanding 50% payment 6 weeks before your wedding date.

If you would like to book your date before receiving your final quote – this can be done with a £150 non refundable deposit – this will confirm your date and we can finalise the details at a later date.

Yes, we offer eggless cakes for both our celebration and wedding cakes. For more information and flavours, please contact us at [email protected].

Yes, please note, all cakes are made in a kitchen that handles other allergens such as gluten, nuts, fruits, alcohol, dairy, eggs and more. Please inform us if you have allergies at the time of placing an order.

Contact us via our contact us page – please make sure to fill in all the details in order for us to have as much information as possible about your order. We will then get back to you with our availability, exact quote and further details of how to confirm your order.

Simply put, nope. For all our cakes, we use buttercream or ganache.

Below is a general outline of approximately how many portions (1” x 1.5” 2 sponge layers deep) our most popular cake sizes would serve

6” – approx 20 party portions
7” – approx 30 party portions
8” – approx 40 party portions
9” – approx 50 party portions
10” – approx 60 party portions

All our single tier cakes including our wedding cake tiers consist of 4 sponges. We place a cake card in the middle of the cake separating the bottom two cake sponges and top two cake sponges. This makes it easier to portion up the cake into party/ wedding size portions. We recommend to cut the cake in a grid format to achieve the maximum number of portions neatly.

All our cakes are stored in the fridge before collection/ transportation. We recommend to store our cakes in the fridge, but they must be closer to room temperature when served for the best eating experience. Allow the cake to sit out for approx 2 hours (this will change depending on the season).

Our cakes will cut more easily and cleanly if they are still slightly cold, otherwise use a warm knife (dipped in a jug of hot water) remove the water and make sure to wipe the knife between each cut.

We recommend any left over cake to be wrapped in cling film and placed in an air tight container and stored in the fridge. Make sure the cake is back at room temperature when your ready to enjoy it again!